Activated Carbon Felt (ACF)

Activated Carbon Felt (ACF)

Safe, chemical free fume and odor control.

It will absorb odors and chemicals around you where you cannot take an air filter. Eliminates most odors. 

It is able to reactivate its odor absorbing ability by placing in very hot sun for a few hours. 

A must have for persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or anyone who is bothered by perfumes, exhaust, smoke, scented candles, strong scented personal products, and other odors and chemicals. Works to block out smoke and toxic fumes from exhausts, laundry detergents and fabric softeners, conventional sprayed fire retardant mattresses, new carpet odors and fumes, toxic formaldehyde fragrances, new sofas, new cars, plastics, odors from pets and musty old furniture or flooded homes or cars.

This material is felt and is very fragile, so use it by covering between two breathable fabrics, such as cotton or wool or else it will tear.  For larger pieces, quilt it to keep it from bunching up and tearing inside fabrics. It cannot get wet. 

Why buy from us? There are two reasons. 1. Our price is the lowest out there. 2. Persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can be assured that no other chemicals, fabrics, or anything else are added during processing. Some other places selling this fabric use chemicals to glue the felt between fabric, making it unusable for persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Before purchasing this type of material, be sure to see what other fabrics/materials are used. Some places may claim 100% pure anthracite carbon, but they fail to tell you that it is glued between two other fabrics. Be sure to ask!

The reason I have begun selling this material is because I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for the past 15 years and have lived my life in near seclusion, up until I found this product. This product has made enormous changes in my health and my quality of life, by reducing my amount of toxin exposures, my health is improving and I am being able to handle exposures in small amounts now. I have tried several face masks and they all so far have made me sick from the outer material of the mask. I now sew this fabric in a scarf or bandana and it works wonderfully for me. I keep the price low because I want to help others with MCS and make the price as reasonable as possible to make it available to everyone. 

Some ideas for use are:  Quilt it between two shawls and take it with you on car rides to protect you from automobile exhaust or anywhere in public to use for superb protection all the time, quilt it between two sheets to use on your bed to help eliminate toxins from your mattress or any odors/toxins in the room, take it when away in hotel rooms to help eliminate odors while you sleep, sew it inside a scarf or bandana to use as a face mask when needed, the applications for this material are endless.  You can also quilt it between two sheets for a bed sheet and then place a duvet cover over it and remove and wash the duvet cover when it is dirty. You must handle it with care because it is felt and is very fragile. 

Activated carbon fiber is used in many applications of military defense, such as for biological and chemical (NBC) protective clothing. It is also used in hunters clothing to eliminate body odors. 

ACF is comprised of layered activated carbon fiber spun together to create sheets of activated carbon. Main applications for this material are: face masks, outdoor gear, military applications and air filtration.

Activated Carbon Fiber Felt is made from special materials from natural anthracite by carbonization and activation. With large surface area, large pore volume and pore distribution. It has the features of large absorption volume, fast absorption, heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkaline resistance.This material is able to be regenerated. It is used widely in solvent recovery, air puriifcation, gas masks, cigarette filtration,nuclear air cleaning systems, ozone elimination filters, gasoline fumes, and vaporization protection for cars.

To the best of our knowledge, the Activated Carbon Felt does not present any environmental hazards or pose any health risks. Make note, we do not advertise or warrant this material to act as protection against deadly fumes or chemicals. We sell this as a filter to allergens, dust, and chemical and natural odors but do not warrant it to remove all chemicals.

Our price for Activated Carbon Felt is the cheapest price in the U.S. How are we selling it so cheap? We purchase our material  directly from the manufacturer in large quantities and eliminating the supplier, and we sell it as is, with no processing it or sewing it. This helps us keep our rates low in order to provide you with the best price possible.