I'm Sorry but Lady Di no longer does personal readings due to health reasons.

Psychic, Aura and Mediumship Reading.....
Auras hold much valuable information about ourselves and others in our life for our past, present, and future. Do you want to know what information lies in your aura? Get a detailed aura and psychic reading, along with a mediumship reading, during a one hour session.

Reading Details

Di receives information about you several ways. She will connect to your energy by reading your aura. She also receives information from God. God will guide her during your reading to give you information that is important during this time in your life. She also will connect to your guardian angel and/or spirit guides and receive information directly from them.

During this reading, Di will specify what she sees in your aura, along with her interpretation of what each signifies. She may see visions, images and symbols, hear from spirit, or feel something and will give this information as she receives it. She will also answer any questions you have, with the loving guidance of spirit. Spirit directs her during these readings to the area of your life that needs immediate attention and provides insight and guidance in those areas. If desired, she may also connect to the spirit world for you in order to bring you communication from beyond. The result of this focused reading will include insight, guidance, communication, love and information to help you in your life.

Di prides herself on being able to connect to people's energy and will give information which serves as verification of her abilities. She is the only psychic who offers satisfaction guarantee on her in person readings.

Our auras hold information about us and everyone we are in contact with throughout our entire lives. They continiously record all information during our lifetime and provide information on all areas of our lives from our past, present, and future, persons and situations in our life, and many other valuable things.

Guidelines to help make your reading as detailed and informative as possible