About Di

Di's background

Di graduated Magna Cum Laude from Gwyned Mercy College and is member of Phi Theta Kappa, national honor fraternity. She worked as a Computer Programmer and manager of IT department for the world's largest pharmacy company for 15 years, until she became ill during her pregnancy. During that time she promised God and herself , if her health improved enough that she could stop being bedridden, she would work upon improving her spiritual gifts and concentrate on using them to help others, and she has been doing so ever since.

Di has always seen auras and been a strong empath and had a difficult time not taking on others emotions, until she grew older and learned how to develop and control her abilities. At a very young age, she had a near death experience, during which she met her guardian angel. During a second near death experience when she was in her 30's and fighting an illness that left her bedridden, Di promised God she would develop her gifts and use them to help others if he would help her get out of bed. Following divine guidance, she then began to improve upon her ability to communicate with spirit and began talking to God on a regular basis, taking classes on psychic development and mediumship, and attending lectures and seminars to help better understand her abilities and develop her skills. All these things, along with plenty of practice, helped Di develop her abilities to the level they are at today.