Medical Intuitive Readings by Lady Di

The best way I can describe how I perform a medical intuitive reading is to relate it to having an xray done of your entire body. I scan your body and your aura, using the mindset of searching for medical and physical imbalances and disruptions. I allow my inner vision to act as an xray machine would, scanning your aura and body and I locate areas that seem out of balance or abnormal. I then concentrate on these areas to receive as much detail as I can about them. I give my readings in a straight forward way by telling you exactly what I see, then I interpret it for you. The reason I tell you exactly what I see is in case my interpretation is off and you may be able to explain and understand some of the things I am seeing about your body. For instance, Sometimes I see tatoos as damaged areas of skin , if the tatoo is general and not detailed, I may see the area as darkened or abnormal but not have an interpretation for it. If I tell you exactly what I see, then you can tell me it is a tatoo and we know I do not have to concentrate on the area any longer and can move on with the reading, concentrating on the important areas.

I cannot promise to find all your problems, but I can say that I have seen in the past many issues and have helped people with their health and even saved lives. I cannot help everyone with everything. If I could, I would not be ill myself. My intuition has helped me improve my health, but not cure it. Many medical intuits will claim to be able to cure all your ills. I make no such claim. I'm happy if I am able to at least help you some. People have asked me in the past, doesn't it bother you that you have helped saved people's lives and cure their illnesses yet you cannot cure your own? My answer is it does not bother me one bit. I am happy with each person I can help. If God wishes for me to become cured, than I will.

DISCLAIMER A medical intuitive reading done by Lady Di is not intended to replace advice of your medical professional. She does not diagnose diseases or illnesses. She uses her abilities as a means to give the client more information on areas to focus on for their health and to bring to the client's attention the location of imbalances in the body and their related issues. You should then discuss these areas with your doctor.