Testimonials about Lady Di's Readings:

I just want to say that I have had the best spiritual connection with Di. She not only helped me to communicate with something from a past life, she also has helped find out the meaning for this life.When I had a reading with her, she told me she saw 3 white bunnies coming into my life an how I was suppose to help them, the very next day a rescue emailed me and was asking for help for these bunnies. Di is the kindest and most considerate person. She is very passionate about what she does and about helping people. Barb

The reading you gave me about two years ago was transformational. I will always be grateful because it started me on my spiritual path. - Cathy

During my reading with Di, she made three major predictions. Two of them have already come true. The third was a prediction over a 2-year period and only one year has passed. So far, the first year of that prediction has come true. - D.J.

The reading that you gave me described exactly what was going on in my life. - Wendy

Lady Di's feedback from Ebay about her readings:

Absolutely Wonderful! Blew me away


Wonderfully healing reading; Amazed by what she picked up- VERY gifted- A++++++++

Very gifted psychic medium and highly recommend to all!

Thank you, Incredibly accurate reading. Fantastic. Thanks!

Extremely accurate reading. She hit the nail on the head. Highly recommended

The reading was the most precise I have every had totally recommended A+++++++++

Very accurate reading! A++++++++++

brilliant a true Psychic/medium spot on in every way cant thank enough

Very *gifted*spot on accuracy,*lovely person,* highest praise!*Thanks very much!

Wonderful, spot on. Thanks.

Excellent communication,very prompt replies,detailed answers,good accuracy ,A+++

thankyou ,genuine and great communication!

Thank you very much + Highly Recommended + Love and Light

Brilliant and just what I needed to hear.thank you !

What a wonderfull lady!!! Very helpful and understanding.

Good,v.fast,helpful reading, a name(unusual )relevant to me mentioned,Thankyou!

Very nice. Reading was very accurate. Would purchase from again

messages made perfect sense. one was related to a conversation i had just today!

Thanks!! Wonderful Reading!! Very Encouraging!!

Good reading, as always

Very honest and caring, wonderful reading

The reading was positive and informative about future events

great reading thanks

Helpful reading and full answers,thank you!

wonderful thank you so much - fingers crossed 11/10

Lovely Ebayer. Many thanks for a nice reading and friendly service. :o)

great thanks A+++

Fast Delivery. Answered my question, thank you.

Professional service ! Thanks.

Thank you for a positive reading. Can't wait to see what happens :) A+++++++

A very positive reading.Would recommend this lady

Interesting reading, great communication from this seller. Many thanks.

Lovely lady and great reading-fast response.-Well worth the money- I will return

Great reading! Thank you.

A wonderful reading from a talented, kind and compassionate lady. Thank you!

Thank you,very helpful lady, good reading A+++

Positive reading, Clarified questions I had. She is good!

awesome as always

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Testimonials about Lady Di's classes and workshops:

Anyone who has any interest in psychic development and spirit communication should attend! You will surely enjoy it!!! Diane is a wonderful teacher with a lot to share. — Susan Duval

Hi, Miss Diane!! I wanted to take a few moments to thank God, yet again, for such wonderful gifts being brought into our lives. I am very grateful for your gifts. I attended my first meeting last night in Doylestown, and enjoyed everything that was presented to all that attended, and felt very blessed with everyone who was there giving and receiving whatever was important for all of us to hear and inhale at that time. I'll be seeing you soon, Love and light, Linda :)

Diane is one of the nicest, gifted most sincere, genuine humble women you will ever meet. She brings so much to helping others. It a pleasure to know her and have her as a friend. !! Love ya Loretta

Diane, I am so glad to have finally met you. As soon as you walked into the room I felt a warm presence. I could have listened to you for days. I love they way when people ask you questions you do not rush when answering them. You truly have a beautiful aura about you!! I am happy to be part of your group. Leslie

Very dear and Grand to me...Great woman and teacher! doris

this group was very informative. thank you for moving me one more step in my spirtual direction. Peace Be with all of you - starbrust

Very Powerful Group!!! Everyone has so much to share so it leaves lot's of room for Educational Spiritual Growth. Diane blows me away, She is Honest & Makes everyone feel welcomed. Thanks for making this journey a Comforting & Rewarding Experience - Doris

I felt that Diane did a very good job of leading this group. There was a lot of interaction between Diane and the group, as well as interaction between group members. Thanks - good job, Diane - D.J.

it was awesome. i'm so glad i went & plan on going to more. thank you so much diane & sarae. blessings to all. - V.