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There are 4 possible stages to demonic possession:

1. Infestation. This is where the demon first starts making itself know to you. Knocks (3) on the doors, unusual light or electrical activity, objects moving, shadows, whispers, etc.

2. Obsession. This happens in some cases where you become obsessed about certain things such as communicating with the spirit, a particular photograph, etc. 3. Oppression. This is where the demonic picks a specific person and tries to oppress them to bring them down to a point of despair so that he can take over their body. This stage can go on for years or be very fast. They will alienate you from family and friends and can cause many things such as nightmares, sleeping troubles, anger and violence, self hate, they can make you see or hear things, try to convince you that you are crazy and that you are alone and no one cares, They can cause fatigue, depression, illness, isolation, confusion, mental anxiety and despair, etc.

4. Possession. This is when the demon takes actual physical possession of your body. Some high level demons are able to skip the first two stages and go straight into possession. Demons that are summoned appear to be higher level than others. Even though they have already possessed your body, they still try to oppress you and break down your will power. The ultimate goal is to possess your soul and they cannot do that unless they have broken you down and weakened you. They will stay with you your entire life time, continuing to cause problems for you, until you die when they attempt to possess your soul. They are sneaky and will try to hide and do things to you subtly so that you are not sure what is going on and make you question your sanity. This is so you will not take action against them.

There are many reasons why a demonic may pick a particular person.

1. The person may have opened the doorway to the demonic, either intentionally or unintentionally by diving into the spirit realm. Use of ouiji boards, witchcraft, worshipping gods other than the creator, acts of vileness and evil, they all open doorways to the spirit realm and can bring on demonics. In these cases, the doorways need to be closed.

2. The person may have simply picked up a demonic from going somewhere and the demonic decided to follow them home. Some lower level demonics may harass a person because they simply do not like them, or the person said or did something they did not like or went somewhere. This happens in cases of ghost hunting when a person unknowingly stumbles across a demonic while ghost hunting, especially if they use provocation on the demonic. The demonic may decide to follow them home and harass them for amusement.

3, Some times a demonic is sent to the test of being able to possess a person and if their quest is successful, they move up the ladder in the demonic world. To them it is simply a job to prove themselves and the person may be anyone they choose, or could be a specific person chosen by a higher level demonic for the task.

4. Sometimes a demonic is sent to a specific person under direct order from a higher demonic in the hierarchy or Satan himself. These types of attacks are more rare and are usually higher level demonics. The attacks are more strategic and stronger because there is a direct purpose Satan has for wanting this person. Usually these types of demonic attacks will continue throughout the persons life because there is a reason Satan wants that person and he will not stop but will continue to send higher level demonics after the person if the lower level ones fail. This is a continuous battle some people face in their lives. Many reasons may cause someone this type of attack, usually the person is or is going to be a strong faith believer in Godís kingdom and Satan is trying to stop the person from spreading Godís word. The more Godís word comes out, the more Satanís lies are exposed and he becomes more powerless over mankind. The people subjected to this type of attack could be great spiritual leaders, persons with great spiritual gifts, or anyone whom will make a contribution to Godís kingdom. Some times entire familyís are subject to this type of demonic attack because of hereditary traits they possess such as psychic and spiritual gifts.

5. Some people are cursed by others, especially relatives, if they were offered to the demonic by another person. Through black magic, curses, Satan worshippers offering their children, there are many ways a person can be offered to Satan and it marks that person for possible demonic attacks.

6. Some demonics may decide they want your dwelling. It is rare, but it does happen. If they like the energy and layout of your house and/or land, they may decide to take over and either oppress you or try to force you out. If there are ghosts on your land, some demonics hunt for ghosts and try to capture them to steal their souls.

7. Last, but not least, some objects have demonics attached to them and you can bring the demonics into your home by bringing the object in. Usually there are older objects that are collected at antique stores and such places, but demonics can also inhabit newer objects as well. If this is the case, you do not want to destroy the object. That may release the demonic.

8. A weakened person is an easy target for demonics. Someone who is weak in their faith and mind are easier to possess. Children and those with mental handicaps are easy targets for demonics to gain hold of and oppress. This is why it is important to have those persons baptized and be given to God, and blessed on occasions.

What if you or someone you know are under demonic attack?

First keep in mind that if you decide to help someone under demonic attack, you can also become under attack. You have two choices if you are under attack. You can choose to ignore it, or choose to fight it. There is no in between.

If you choose to ignore it... It's goal is to destroy you and take your soul! So it will continue causing you emotional and mental, and even physical problems throughout your life, destroying all your relationships and trying to strip your will, waiting for the day you die to take over your soul. They can even attempt to end your life themselves, or convince you to do it. The other problem with ignoring it, is that others in the family and around you may be affected by it or its friends, and very likely others will be affected and possibly possessed. The children in the family would be the most vulnerable. Any stray demons that are not already attached to someone, will attempt to possess the children and cause many problems for them.

If you choose to fight it...well, it definitely is not an easy battle and it could go anywhere from fairly simple to get rid of to increased demonic activity and even attacks on family members and yourself. Depending on the level of demonic, once you begin to fight them, they will most likely get angry and fight back and things can become worse for awhile.

First, study spiritual warfare so you know what you are up against. You should be aware of the effective ways to fight demonics and the possible outcome that may occur and be prepared! Make sure to have someone experienced in spiritual warfare to turn to in case you need more than simple prayer, such as a demonologist or minister or priest.

The first thing that should be attempted (and should always be done anyway) is prayer. The more prayer you use in your home and religious items you have in your home, makes the demonics more uncomfortable, and under intense prayer, can even hurt them. You may want to have your house blessed, but be warned that this is usually the point at which the stronger demonics will anger and activity may increase instead of decrease. Some times there is a lull shortly after house blessings and then the demonics come back with a vengeance. You may bless the house yourself or have a priest bless it for you. If you bless it yourself and experience more activity, contact your local parish for a priest house blessing and see if that helps. If the activity continues or worsens, you need to call someone experienced in the field such as a demonologist and have them work with your local priest. They should call a prayer team to help by sending their prayers. Each member of the household, and all relationships in the household, should be evaluated for issues that may be contributing to an oppressing energy in the house. Each persons relationship to God must be improved and their lives dedicated to God. They must learn to live a sin free life and remove all obstacles in their lives. If there is turmoil in the home, the demonics can gain a strong hold and may not leave until that turmoil is removed. If there is someone in the home who committed a grave sin such as murder, the demonics may never leave that person or the home. Try to determine why the particular person or household is under attack.

If it is determined that a specific person is possessed, then an exorcism may be required.

Please keep in mind that ridding your house and yourself of demonics is not a quickly done task. It is an on going tasks involving many different strategies to rid yourself of Satan and keep him out of your life. This process can take a long time and requires changing many parts of your life to live a sin free Christian life, patience and faith.

Most people fear the unknown and the spirit realm, and that fear is what Satan uses to gain his ground. The demonic can detect fear and use it to know when to attack. Many people erroneously believe that ghosts and the demonics only operate at nighttime and in the dark. This is a misconception. It may seem as if more activity happens at dark, but that is only because most people become more susceptible to their fears during that time of the day and that fear helps give power and rise to the demonics. As soon as you give in to that fear, you are giving the demonic the power to harm you. Stay strong and stay in Godís faith and do not give them fuel to harm you. To be protected you need to have faith in God .You also need to understand that Satan and his angels are limited in what they can do to you.

Satan and his angels are in the spirit realm on a mission, which is to destroy mankind. Please keep in mind that they are limited to what they can do to any of us. They do have rules they have to follow. You must develop a relationship with God and ask that your protection come in the name of his loving Son, Jesus Christ. Our Lord will bring in help in any of several ways. He can send Cherubs to come and watch over you, he can send Arch Angel Michael to come do battle with the demonics, or he can simply dismiss them himself. Many times the demonic will back off when they see the divine help that is coming for you, but if they do not and instead choose a battle, you must be prepared.