Reading Guidelines and Information by Lady Di

The following is some information about my readings and some guidelines to help make your reading as detailed and informative as possible.

Your reading is tailored to fit what you desire. I receive a lot of information while I perform readings and one hour is never enough time to relay it all and so we must choose what information I give in detail, and what I give as a summary. If you have a specific area of your life in which you wish me to concentrate upon, please tell me and I will concentrate upon that area, however, keep in mind that God will also guide me to the areas that he feels are most important during this time in your life.

If you have any questions about others, bringing a picture of them will help me connect deeper to them, especially for medical intuitive readings. Pictures are not required, but do help provide a much stronger link and therefore, result in a more accurate and detailed reading.
During your reading, I will answer your questions with as much detail as possible and will give you information which serves as verification of my abilities. In addition to answering your questions, I will give you other information I receive, which could be for past, present, or future circumstances and usually is for all three.

I will ask you if you wish to know if any crossed over loved ones have messages for you and if so, I will give those messages. This will not be a full mediumship reading, If you are interested in receiving a full mediumship reading, please let me know at the beginning of the reading so I may concentrate upon that area or contact me to set up a separate appointment.

Please keep in mind that spirit will never tell you what to do. They provide insight and advice based upon your current situation, your abilities and your energy along with the energy of others around you, and possible future outcomes. This advice can be used as a guide to help you develop your future the way you would prefer it to be, to help deal with past experiences, and to help guide present circumstances. Also know that the future is rarely set in stone. This means you have the ability to change your future.

Tips to ensure you receive the most detailed and accurate reading possible. Before your reading, please take some time to pray (meditate if you do not pray) and ask for a very detailed, divinely guided reading. If you know your guides and speak to them, ask them to come to me to help with your reading.

Mediumship Readings:
Before your reading, please take some quiet time alone to either meditate or think about your loved ones and ask them to come through to me with messages for you. If you know the date of your reading, ask them to come to me on that day and give messages. If you have specific questions for them, tell them and ask them to relay those messages to me. This works so much more than you could ever believe. This is not necessary but can help in creating a link with the specific spirit you hope to communicate to.

Please keep in mind that who you want to hear from may not always come through. Some spirits may have stronger connections then others and will come through instead. Some times our loved ones energy is just not at the correct vibration, or there may be other reasons that you are not meant to hear from them yet.

Any information that does not resonate for you at the moment, please write down and think about it later and many times you will realize it does resonate for you but you were not aware at the time of the reading. Also if I give a name you are not familiar with, check with your family members and relatives. Sometimes people come through for you whom you were never aware of but they are a distant relative. Other times some spirits will come through to you to give a message to someone else close to you.

Future Events Readings:
I do have to point out that although I can pick up on future events, it does not mean these events are set in stone. With free will, we possess the abilities to change our futures and therefore, a definite future reading can never be 100% certain. What I offer, is guidance as to how the things are heading in the future, if all things were to remain constant at this point and there are no major changes made by your own free will, or someone else's affecting your future. This guidance can be used to help you attempt to keep your future on track, or change it, but please keep in mind any major changes may affect it.

Missing persons or homicides
Please Note: Missing persons cases are placed above all other reading requests and done immediately when received. If you wish help with a missing persons case or homicide, please email me and I will send you an instruction sheet as to what would help me the best to help you.

Please send a photo of the victim taken. shortly before their deaths or date they went missing. Samples of handwriting can be helpful. Send copies, no originals. A map with their place of work or school, their home and the last reliable sighting marked on it. Also note where the remains were found. Include the date of the last reliable sighting and the date the remains were located. Copies of the crime scene photos are needed as I work very much like a profiler does. Do not include any speculation as to what happened. That can be distracting. I prefer to approach the case free of any extra information. This also helps people to understand that what I get comes from my abilities and not someone else's ideas

Disclaimer: I do not diagnose any medical conditions or act as any type of health care professional whatsoever. What I offer is my psychic observations and is in no way meant as an alternative to your doctor or licensed medical health professional. All of my insights are meant to give you added insight into your life in areas which you should talk to your doctor or medical professional about. You must be at least 18 years of age to use my services.